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Advanced Laser Technology

PiQo4 technology removes pigment and tattoos in less time with fewer precise treatments than other laser systems. Whether amateur or professional, it targets tattoo molecules systematically breaking them down until they are naturally removed from the body.

Best Color Clearance

The technology efficiently breaks down color particles that are naturally removed by your body. It's the only tattoo removal system that can eliminate the stubborn blue and yellow hues from your skin! PiQo4 can release a rainbow of colors and give you the best color clearance possible.

Less Ghosting, Faster Results

You definitely don't want a shadow of your tattoo as a permanent reminder on your skin. Clear more color faster with less discomfort. Just erase what you need to. Almost like it was never there.

Turn Back Time and Remove That Tattoo!

Are you feeling discouraged that you’ll never have clear skin again? Do you desperately want to remove those bothersome tattoos from your skin? Whether you are worried about:

  • The name of your ex etched on your skin
  • Permanent skin-damage that can be caused by using quick-fix tattoo-removing solutions
  • Going through the process and still seeing lingering shadows of the tattoo post-treatment

We've got you covered. A momentary lapse in judgement doesn’t need to be a permanent reminder any longer.

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Why PiQo4?

PiQo4 laser is a renowned laser tattoo removal method with promising results in no time. With the best color clearance, less ghosting, and faster results, you'll regain control of your skin.

Before you get your tattoos removed, it's essential to understand that tattoo ink particles vary in size. Previous technologies would break down either small or large particles, but not the two. Through advancements, the PiQo4 allows for the precise treatment of varying particle sizes and tattoo colors.

Take the first step towards tattoo-free skin. A fresh start awaits beyond the ink!

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Reclaim Your Skin with Laser Tattoo Removal, Rio Rancho

Thanks to the PiQo4 laser technology, tattoo removal has now become easier than ever before.

PiQo4 laser technology efficiently removes all common color tattoos, either amateur or professional. The latest technology targets both small and large tattoo particles simultaneously, breaking them down into tiny particles that are naturally removed by your body. The laser only targets the ink, and does not harm the surrounding skin.

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