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Tricia’s Skin Journey

Hi, I’m Tricia and I have dealt with acne off and on since I was a preteen, then when I was 34 my good friend rosacea came for a visit and didn’t want to leave. 

Let’s start at the beginning; I remember vividly at 13/14 acne coming on fast and hard and hating the way my face looked. There was no amount of makeup or concealer to cover the red and white bumps all over my face. I tried every over the counter option to prescription topicals with little to no relief.  

Then at 15/16 I went to my OBGYN and asked about birth control for acne treatment. She was on board and I got on “the pill”. It was like magic, I still had breakouts, but they were fewer and less intense. I got my face back! 

Fast forward to my early 30s when I decided I wanted to limit the amount of chemicals I put in my body. I got off all medications and to my surprise my acne stayed at bay for about 3 years, then BAM 2020 hit and my acne came back with a side of rosacea. 

Again I tried everything over the counter with no results. Then I heard about IPL Photofacials and the world of aesthetics. I have also stepped up my skin care routine to Epionce products to compliment the Photofacials, and added Microneedling and chemical peels. I am finally starting to fall in love with my skin again and happily living most days makeup free.