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Tips for GLOWING, HEALTHY Skin for Summer

As you enjoy time outdoors through the rest of the summer it is important to keep your skin health in mind. While we all love being in the summer sun, it can be one of the most damaging forces to the skin. Too much exposure to the sun causes sunspots, wrinkles, dull skin, and potentially skin cancers. Keeping your skin healthy the entire year is our goal at The Med spa at Scottsdale. Our expert Medical Aesthetician, Emily, can help you find product regimen that targets your unique skin concerns and fits your routine and budget. The main thing I have learned from working at a med spa is how harmful the sun really is and how IMPORTANT it is to protect and take care of yourself inside and out.

What are some sun safe treatments?

While some treatments require downtime and limited sun exposure there are several that leave you with immediate results and require little to NO downtime! Each of the following treatments are sun safe and will allow you to finish the summer with happy, healthy skin:




Chemical peel


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