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My Journey to Confidence

Learning how to love your imperfections is hard but is key to building confidence. One of the ways that has helped me grow confident is skin care and taking care of my appearance. The journey to confidence is the road everyone finds themselves on, and some days will be better than others. When I look good, I feel good without a doubt, and I am positive most people agree. So, pour some love into yourself, invest in yourself, and take care of yourself inside and out today.

Another important factor on how I am growing in confidence is practicing gratitude. Social media has made it extremely difficult be be grateful for your life and what you have. Between filters and people posting all the “great things in their lives” you never know what is real. But, by practicing gratitude, it will increase your self-esteem and remind you that you are beautiful and unique. Comparison is the thief of joy so it is very important to not to compare yourself to anyone! Becoming fully confident is not going to happen overnight and the timing of your journey is going to be different than mine, but I can’t wait to see it happen for you!