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Meet Our Med Spa Pup… Stitch

At The Med Spa at Scottsdale we have a spa dog. His name is Stitch,
Stitchy, Baby face, or Sweet Boy. He is a 1-year-old French Bulldog that
loves everyone and everything. His hobbies include sleeping, eating, and
playing piranha. Piranha is when Stitch tries to eat your ears, hair and
neck… it’s his way of demonstrating extreme affection. His favorite
snack is chicken nuggets. His favorite toy is anything that makes a crazy
crinkly noise. Having a spa dog just exudes positive vibes. Stitch lights up every room
and makes everyone feel welcome. And he has some his sick fresh dance
moves; he busts out his wiggle-butt move for all newcomers to the spa.
You may also catch Stitch sleeping on the job here and there. You’ll
know by the sound of his snores…
Here at The Med spa at Scottsdale we love animals. We try to
incorporate our beloved animals into everything we do. We’ve even
partnered with local dog shelter Alone No More to donate $20 from
every Geneo Facial purchased to that great mission. We look forward to
partnering with other shelters down the road!


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