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From Breakouts to Makeup Free

Honestly, I have never had wonderful skin. I have always had uneven skin tone, acne and acne scarring. It really hurt my confidence and I wouldn’t leave the house without makeup on. As I got older the acne continued and when I turned 20 my acne took a turn for the worst, it became cystic and painful. I went to several dermatologists and asked them what products I can use and always left with a handful of prescriptions. (Several of the dermatologists even recommended Accutane.) I tried all the options and got all the horrible side effects that came with (photosensitivity, dry burning skin, and red flaky skin). I quickly stopped taking the prescriptions, and realized I would rather live with acne than have clear skin and feel sick all the time.

When I started esthetics school, I volunteered for every single treatment that “might improve acne.” These treatments helped a little but I still had deep and painful acne. I learned about ingredients and how they heal your skin but it seems like I could never get it right for my own skin. While in laser training, I volunteered for an IPL Photofacial and for the first time felt like there was a chance I could be acne free. Over the next week, much of my inflammation went down and I could see a visible difference with just one treatment. Since then I have been able to go through a IPL Photofacial treatment series that has kept nearly all of my acne at bay and even healed my scarring! Now I never leave the house with makeup on! I am confident in my own skin and feel passionately about helping others with their acne!

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