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Dr Planitz Journey from Optometric Physician to Transformation Artist

I remember it vividly… the day I felt like I was “getting old”. I was in San Diego for an Optometry

Meeting but also to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary. All of a sudden, I looked down at the skin on

my arms and noticed it was crepey and wrinkled. It literally happened overnight. The effects of my lack

of sun protection for 50 plus years caught up to me quite literally overnight. Just as Presbyopia (the

need for reading glasses) happened to me on my 42nd birthday, exactly, “old skin” happened to me on

my wedding anniversary. I became depressed and was unable to complete my “happy trip” happily. I

began searching for answers.

I went to a plastic surgeon I knew. His answer was to burn my arms with acid, then again later with with

a terrible Fraxel laser treatment. I became so depressed after that I was placed on Valium for three

weeks as all of my skin literally peeled off my face every half hour. My skin did not heal as promised. I

came to find out later that my Fitzpatrick skin type was mis-diagnosed, and I was treated over-

aggressively. No one asked me any skin type questions. They just looked at me and assumed…. I also

learned from the nurse later that the “terrible instrument” they had treated me with had been traded

in. That made me feel good… My skin was never the same. But I could not go back in time.

That was the moment I vowed to help other people like me. People who did not care to look their age.

People who wanted to be treated safely and confidently with state-of-the-art safe equipment with

settings appropriate for their skin type. I would ask the appropriate questions and listen to my patients.

I decided to become a Transformation Artist.

I started by treating dry eye patients with Intense Pulsed Light. I developed a protocol that made people

look 20 years younger around their eyes where I was treating them than they did on the rest of their

face. I decided at that point I could no longer in good conscience treat just around the eyes. I had to

make skin on the face match the skin around the eyes. And then my patients started asking me… “what

else can you do???”

I decided to find out. I am proud to say that at the tender age of 58 years old I have finally discovered

what I want to be when I grow up. A Transformation Artist. As such I help my patients look, see and

feel their very best. When I am treating a patient’s external area of concern, I am really treating their

inner confidence. Everyone deserves to feel their absolute best. So much in our lives depends on it.

That confident feeling affects our effectiveness in ALL areas of our life. But most of all, it’s how we feel

about ourselves when we look in the mirror that matters.

And so I invite you to take part in your own personal journey. We can help you look, see and feel your

absolute best. From there, it is up to you!